Society Handicaps

September 16, 2010
Keen to get people's views on what handicap system they use for their societies / tours etc.

Our tour has grown so that there are regularly 10 to 15 of us going away together for 2 or 3 day events and we are debating the merits of potential handicap systems.

Personally I'm keen on using a system that means everyone is in with a good shout of winning i.e. leaders getting cut, those at the back of the field gaining shots to ensure it stays competitive.

Any ideas / suggestions on what has worked or not worked for you would be welcome.

Most under-rated golfers

September 16, 2010
In this forum, we spend a lot of time harassing players we don't like (myself included). We also spend a lot of time hyping players.

In this thread I'd however like to give credit to players who don't get the attention or "hype" I think they rightly deserve - both from the media and the fans. These are:

Robert Karlsson (10 ET wins, 1 WC win)
Jimenez (18 ET wins)
Cink (6 PGA Tour wins, 1 Major)
Jim Furyk (15 PGA Tour wins, 1 Major, et al)

Common for these players are that they have delivered consistently over at least a decade, but that the media and fans, for various reasons, never seem to pay much attention to them.

Please feel free to comment or add your players.

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